New album Cry And Sing

My new album "Cry And Sing" is now available to listen / buy
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12" vinyl & download
Released Thursday 22nd October

Works Ride

See You Lighting Your Next One Off Your Last

New EP "LICK DEVICE" is out now on lathe-cut 7" vinyl & download - Click here to listen / order / download

LICK DEVICE - Limited edition lathe-cut 7" vinyl EP
1. Let Allow - recorded on Christmas Day
2. I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do - cover version of one of my favourite Sam & Dave songs
3. Sokol - acoustic, written and recorded soon after touring with REK in the spring
Limited to 50 copies, each numbered

Let Allow


Snapped Thought

13.02.2020 - C.Rockefeller Arts, Dresden. with Berger J
14.02.2020 - Světadílna, Ceske Budejovice, CZ. with REK & Fotbal
15.02.2020 - Kino, Horažďovice, CZ. with REK
16.02.2020 - Punctum, Prague, CZ. with REK
18.02.2020 - Bajkazyl, Brno, CZ. with REK
19.02.2020 - Cajovna Ve Vlnách, Děčín, CZ. with REK
20.02.2020 - Ponorka, Olomouc, CZ. with REK
21.02.2020 - Klub Lúč, Trenčín, Slovakia. with REK
22.02.2020 - JedenTag, Ostrava, CZ. with REK
23.02.2020 - Rule 1, Dresden. with Leaf Kickers
24.02.2020 - Galerie M, Munich. with Berger J

My album Slip Diff Boogies has been included on Spools Out's Best Tapes of 2019 in the Quietus with a review, click here to read it

Amazing tour with Sly & The Family Drone lately!
To book me for a gig write to
I'm keen to play a lot. This morning I wrote a song called Snapped Thought

New album Slip Diff Boogies - tape / download - released October 2019
listen / order / download, click here